Wednesday, December 3, 2008

When an Emplyer does not live up to their end!

I helped my sister write the following letter. Car salesman sells a young kid a car he can't really afford. My sister points that out to him. Oh, the young man's parents are good clients and my sister has great personal and business ethics. So.. . .read on. This is how I helped my sister define the crappy job she was in and the lack of pay relative to such.

The Letter::::

I am disappointed to write such a letter as this, especially when you have praised the diligence and competency of my work to your friends and professional peers. This boils down to a value of work done to dollars earned. In hind sight I have learned a lot about the employment structure you presented and that I unfortunately accepted. It is entirely possible there were quotes where I had missed some possibilities. However, if it is your position that my work with you did not hold good value then it would have been in your best interest to have the conversation with me that I needed to improve or to ask my leave. Neither of these happened which leads me to believe you are approaching this argument in the interest of some form of defensive justification to diminish the value I brought to your business. The real value I brought your business was in servicing your customer’s needs. When they had questions, I found or had the answers. When they came in to renew their contracts I helped them out to the best of my ability gaining many friends and learning of many interesting people along the way. This aspect was not my main “job” yet I consistently did everything I could to best represent your company.
I think you saw this value and exploited it. This happened by suggesting, yet never defining a payment structure that best represented my value. We had a number of small, dismissive conversations with half commitments and affirmations that a new payment structure will be implemented “someday”. I should have listened to Mark when I first told him of my concerns. His advice from a similar experience with his business partner was, “You are being taken advantage of. No one works the hours you do for the little bit of money you’re making; it’s insulting.” Your payment structure was insulting. Knowing your financial position I tried to “weather the storm” with you so that we both may see brighter days. I did this by working a full shift every day that I said I would. So, what is fair?
What is fair is being paid at least minimum wage for a 40 hour work week. I understand this was not our agreement yet if you ask, “What is fair?” then you have my answer. Minimum wage is $8.07 per hour. So, by my account this amounts to about $15,500 per year. This was for servicing your existing customers and/or for the customers that I wrote policies for. Part of the blame was mine in not realizing this position I was in sooner or I would have taken action sooner.
As I started with I am disappointed. I am disappointed that a few hundred dollars leads you to tarnish my name, my work, and my ethics. I feel very comfortable, in light of your email, toward my decision and will entertain what necessary actions I deem to bring this small matter to rest.

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