Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Darcy and our Xmas Party (Perspective gained)

Darcy joined me for my work Xmas party this last weekend. We had a great time bowling. It was at ACME Bowling in South Center. Yes, I know, the name sucks, but the “alley” is great. There were refreshments in the back and we really enjoyed ourselves. That said.
I was surprised at how many did not bowl. The theme and venue was a bowling alley. Don’t get me wrong, a number of people did. However, we are computer consultants, a predominately male dominated area. Most of the women and a few of the guys did not bowl. I was surprised at this. How could one show up to a bowling alley and not knock back a few pins? I was amazed at what I saw, or didn’t see.
Don’t get me wrong, I think the crew I work with is not a bad group. However, hardly any women bothered to attempt to bowl and those who did looked like frail uncoordinated derelicts that previously lived on a world with a MUCH different sense of gravity than ours.
I am a tough, arrogant son of a bitch. I like a tough woman. I like a woman who smiles in the face of hardship. A woman who works hard when the chips are down, who laughs just as hard when the cold humor of life strikes a verse of Murphy’s Law. It’s not easy dealing with my arrogance. Some just smile, others walk away . . . and in the mix of that I found someone who can dismiss my ego as the hot air it is.
Anyway, back on topic. . .
We have had our good times, our bad times, our very bad times. As I looked around our Xmas party I realized that this (my wife) is the only woman who isn’t stuck in her self-conscious “shell”. For God sakes it’s just bowling. My bad . . . sorry . . . . . let me rephrase that. It humbles me to think of how fearful people are of failure, of looking bad, and how their peers will see them.
I saw my wife being great, and having a great time. She made me realize why I love her. Darcy gets out there and plays. There are those who sit in the stands and watch and there are those who get out on the field. Darcy was “one of the guys” on our Xmas party and this week I have received numerous compliments on how they enjoyed her company.
Darcy; I know you don’t like your current weight and so on and so forth. However, just reflect on the most important thing you can have, which you do, and this is attitude. Yours is very powerful and when directed, has gone and will continue to go through anything in your way.


  1. I happen to think Darcy is pretty great too!

    And I loooove that bowling alley! We went there for the first time for my daughter's last birthday. So much better than the places we have around here...

  2. Cool, I just stumbled on to your blog through Darcy's. I agree, most are afraid to look a little foolish ro just let loose. However, most did not grow up with such open parents, experiances, and education. I still am grateful to you and Darcy for encouraging us to do Landmark and for your support and fiendship over the years.