Friday, December 12, 2008

Have a pesticide, I mean coke, and a smile!

I have got to try that on our roses this next spring. Sounds like a real winner, I mean loser!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The new problem

All of a sudon we see a massive influx of fraud news, from local to Federal.
Local: Thurston County prosecutors will decide whether to charge nine state troopers with theft for allegedly using fake diplomas to get pay raises
Local: Port CEO Tay Yoshitani announced at a Tuesday news conference that he has accepted the resignations of third runway project manager John Rothnie and construction services general manager Larry McFadden.
Governor arrested: Charges tried to sell a seat in the US Senate.
Guys, what does this add up to. . .. . . ?

Darcy and our Xmas Party (Perspective gained)

Darcy joined me for my work Xmas party this last weekend. We had a great time bowling. It was at ACME Bowling in South Center. Yes, I know, the name sucks, but the “alley” is great. There were refreshments in the back and we really enjoyed ourselves. That said.
I was surprised at how many did not bowl. The theme and venue was a bowling alley. Don’t get me wrong, a number of people did. However, we are computer consultants, a predominately male dominated area. Most of the women and a few of the guys did not bowl. I was surprised at this. How could one show up to a bowling alley and not knock back a few pins? I was amazed at what I saw, or didn’t see.
Don’t get me wrong, I think the crew I work with is not a bad group. However, hardly any women bothered to attempt to bowl and those who did looked like frail uncoordinated derelicts that previously lived on a world with a MUCH different sense of gravity than ours.
I am a tough, arrogant son of a bitch. I like a tough woman. I like a woman who smiles in the face of hardship. A woman who works hard when the chips are down, who laughs just as hard when the cold humor of life strikes a verse of Murphy’s Law. It’s not easy dealing with my arrogance. Some just smile, others walk away . . . and in the mix of that I found someone who can dismiss my ego as the hot air it is.
Anyway, back on topic. . .
We have had our good times, our bad times, our very bad times. As I looked around our Xmas party I realized that this (my wife) is the only woman who isn’t stuck in her self-conscious “shell”. For God sakes it’s just bowling. My bad . . . sorry . . . . . let me rephrase that. It humbles me to think of how fearful people are of failure, of looking bad, and how their peers will see them.
I saw my wife being great, and having a great time. She made me realize why I love her. Darcy gets out there and plays. There are those who sit in the stands and watch and there are those who get out on the field. Darcy was “one of the guys” on our Xmas party and this week I have received numerous compliments on how they enjoyed her company.
Darcy; I know you don’t like your current weight and so on and so forth. However, just reflect on the most important thing you can have, which you do, and this is attitude. Yours is very powerful and when directed, has gone and will continue to go through anything in your way.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I love flying

:) Good stuff.

Yes, I play WOW. Now with the 2nd Expansion comes some new commercials.

Quite good, this one is. True to Ozzy's. . .fucking character.

Crazy Frog. . . . .

This is just simply good fun and a very addictive little toon.

When an Emplyer does not live up to their end!

I helped my sister write the following letter. Car salesman sells a young kid a car he can't really afford. My sister points that out to him. Oh, the young man's parents are good clients and my sister has great personal and business ethics. So.. . .read on. This is how I helped my sister define the crappy job she was in and the lack of pay relative to such.

The Letter::::

I am disappointed to write such a letter as this, especially when you have praised the diligence and competency of my work to your friends and professional peers. This boils down to a value of work done to dollars earned. In hind sight I have learned a lot about the employment structure you presented and that I unfortunately accepted. It is entirely possible there were quotes where I had missed some possibilities. However, if it is your position that my work with you did not hold good value then it would have been in your best interest to have the conversation with me that I needed to improve or to ask my leave. Neither of these happened which leads me to believe you are approaching this argument in the interest of some form of defensive justification to diminish the value I brought to your business. The real value I brought your business was in servicing your customer’s needs. When they had questions, I found or had the answers. When they came in to renew their contracts I helped them out to the best of my ability gaining many friends and learning of many interesting people along the way. This aspect was not my main “job” yet I consistently did everything I could to best represent your company.
I think you saw this value and exploited it. This happened by suggesting, yet never defining a payment structure that best represented my value. We had a number of small, dismissive conversations with half commitments and affirmations that a new payment structure will be implemented “someday”. I should have listened to Mark when I first told him of my concerns. His advice from a similar experience with his business partner was, “You are being taken advantage of. No one works the hours you do for the little bit of money you’re making; it’s insulting.” Your payment structure was insulting. Knowing your financial position I tried to “weather the storm” with you so that we both may see brighter days. I did this by working a full shift every day that I said I would. So, what is fair?
What is fair is being paid at least minimum wage for a 40 hour work week. I understand this was not our agreement yet if you ask, “What is fair?” then you have my answer. Minimum wage is $8.07 per hour. So, by my account this amounts to about $15,500 per year. This was for servicing your existing customers and/or for the customers that I wrote policies for. Part of the blame was mine in not realizing this position I was in sooner or I would have taken action sooner.
As I started with I am disappointed. I am disappointed that a few hundred dollars leads you to tarnish my name, my work, and my ethics. I feel very comfortable, in light of your email, toward my decision and will entertain what necessary actions I deem to bring this small matter to rest.

My Dad was my best friend.

I wrote this a year ago. My Dad was, is, and will always be the closest most sincere friend of my life. He passed away roughly 3 years ago. There has not been a day that goes by that I do not think of him. Just re-reading this made me cry. I am not religious, however, I hope I may see him again when I have died. Although I highly doubt life works this way.

From a year ago:
Dad, I miss you so much. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you. The time we spent playing soccer, skiing, table tennis, the Christmas time, the gardening and many, many more. I have so many stories for all of the above that come to mind as I type this and so many more that I have thought about in time past. I am now 34, an adult, yet my child at heart does not agree. You are the most extraordinary man I have ever met. I hope to capture your stories from your child hood, the war (WW2), your life in England, Canada, and the United States. I don’t hope to do this to live through your accomplishments. I do this in hope to find my way from your past. To gain inspiration from your life. What you did, the friends you had, the work you did, and the lifestyle you lived.

Dear Mr. President Elect

Mr. Obama,
All my life I have been cynical and judgmental on the politics and the politicians running this country.
If I cared less about this country I would say nothing about what could be. I would say nothing of the injustices done in the past. However, I care about this country very much. I care about my family, friends, neighbors, both domestic and foreign. I care about this country and its place in the international community. I am tired of the greasy palmed vultures that call themselves representatives of this great nation. You have my vote, and all votes that I may objectively influence.
This country faces some hard times. I know politics enough to know that your fight will be meet with wall after wall after wall. Please do not give in. I added another $15 donation tonight as a token of my interest in your success. If anyone is concerned with your foreign policy they need not be. A country is represented by its people and your European tour had a phenomenally positive turn out; especially in Berlin. I still write this a cynic. I wonder how much change you may quantify. Change is a great slogan but, in the heat of an issue, will this motto be your true resolve, or will you succumb to the political pressure of the moment?
Thank you for stepping up to the challenge of being the next President of this great nation.