Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dear Mr. President Elect

Mr. Obama,
All my life I have been cynical and judgmental on the politics and the politicians running this country.
If I cared less about this country I would say nothing about what could be. I would say nothing of the injustices done in the past. However, I care about this country very much. I care about my family, friends, neighbors, both domestic and foreign. I care about this country and its place in the international community. I am tired of the greasy palmed vultures that call themselves representatives of this great nation. You have my vote, and all votes that I may objectively influence.
This country faces some hard times. I know politics enough to know that your fight will be meet with wall after wall after wall. Please do not give in. I added another $15 donation tonight as a token of my interest in your success. If anyone is concerned with your foreign policy they need not be. A country is represented by its people and your European tour had a phenomenally positive turn out; especially in Berlin. I still write this a cynic. I wonder how much change you may quantify. Change is a great slogan but, in the heat of an issue, will this motto be your true resolve, or will you succumb to the political pressure of the moment?
Thank you for stepping up to the challenge of being the next President of this great nation.

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